My First Post, of my Reasons and Merits for this Blog

I’m a complete newbie to this whole blogging experience, I’m hoping this would help me exercise my communication skills and also function as a personal library for storing every piece of knowledge that you produce every day through research, analysis, development, or just plain and simple head-banging against the keyword for hours while solving an impossible problem xD.

Basically what happens to me all the time is that after solving a problem I’d try to store the solution with a brief description on my pc in an easy to find location, and a reasonable place where I would start looking in case I forgot (which I always did).  But after finding it, the instructions for the solution were not very clear, and even if I did understand them it would be useless to anyone else.  The same happened for commonly used blocks of code, and also when storing results of research on a certain topic, I’d store relevant links in delicious, which is really good, but what I really needed was to write down my own ideas and have a way of easily searching through them afterwards.

So despite this really inefficient way of working the thing that made me realize I needed to make a change was a co-worker one day in a middle of a conversation said to me: You need to open a blog! and exposed all of these reasons the I know were true but never really did anything about it, it was the little push that needed to happened to get me started. So I’ll take a moment here to give her proper merits… so Yubisay thank you!!

I hope this can be of any help to anyone else who is seriously considering opening a blog but are having second thoughts for whatever reason, my advice is “Go for it!… what’s the worse that could happen”.

Don’t mind the following code snippet, I was just trying out this syntax highlighting plug-in.  Totally recommended although I need to upgrade to the newer version.

function test(){ 
   alert("hello world!!"); 


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